• After selling many other types of servers throughout Australia Ronmar has been searching for a hardware manufacturer to standout and provide high quality server hardware.
  • We have now become an IBM business partner and we have found the product that has taken 12 years of trial and error to find.
  • We were looking for servers with premium componentry and value for money. But more importantly the warranty to backup the product. We have seen how warranty can be the make or break of a good server and IBM’s warranty is second to none.
  • The server is the brain of the network and without it, all else fails. You need to be assured that if something were to happen to your server it is going to be up and running next business day (NBD). Anything else could cost you thousand’s upon thousands’s of dollars in unwanted downtime..
  • We understand all of this all too well and that is why we have chosen to align ourselves with IBM and Lenovo.
  • Tower and Rackmount┬áserver types and their suitability.